Apple MacBook Air Laptop Review

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The MacBook Air M2 is a great notebook that‎ balances style, performance, and mobility. It redefines the laptop experience for many customers with its‎ slim, lightweight construction, brilliant display, and long-lasting battery. It may not be ideal for professionals‎ with extensive video editing demands, but it is a compelling bundle for content consumption and‎ productivity. It improves the MacBook Air M1's performance, display, and other elements. The MacBook Air‎ M2 is an excellent choice for individuals who want a powerful, portable laptop with an‎ attractive design. As the market leader, the MacBook Air M2 meets current computing demands for‎ creative professionals, students, and business travellers.
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High Resolution Retina Display
  • Excellent Performance
  • Renowned Battery life
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Limited Port Selection
  • Expensive in Price

Apple’s MacBook Air M2, the newest model, has captivated computer‎ enthusiasts. Its elegant look, fast performance, and outstanding battery life make it a stunning MacBook‎ Air progression. This detailed review will cover this cutting-edge laptop’s design, display, performance, and graphics.‎ We’ll also compare it against the MacBook Pro M2. Discover the qualities that make the‎ MacBook Air M2 a competitive laptop competitor.

Design And Build

Its elegant form and lightweight‎ structure define the MacBook Air M2. Being 0.44 inches thin when the lid is open‎ redefines a portable laptop. The 2.7-pound all-aluminium chassis feels nice and is lightweight. Its rounded‎ edges and noticeable lip make it simple to open and handle with one hand. Apple’s‎ Starlight, Midnight, Silver, and Space Gray colours show attention to detail. No matter your style,‎ these colours may make your laptop stand out or fit in at work.

Display And‎ Audio

Display and acoustics are unique on the MacBook Air M2. The 13.6-inch panel’s 2560‎ x 1664-pixel resolution makes video editing and multimedia viewing enjoyable. When playing HDR material, the‎ board is bright, averaging 489 nits and peaking at 495. The MacBook Air M2’s colour‎ accuracy is impressive, at 107% of the sRGB colour gamut and 75.9% of DCI-P3. The‎ MacBook Air M2’s display is excellent for picture editing and multimedia. The four-speaker sound system‎ improves audio. It sounds clear for music and videos. The MacBook Pro 14-inch six-speaker sound‎ system produces better sound but costs more.


The MacBook Air M2’s M2 processor boosts‎ performance. Everyday operations like online surfing with many tabs and Photoshop picture editing are easy.‎ The MacBook Air M2 exceeds the M1 by 11% in single-core performance. MacBook Air M2‎ excels in video editing. Faster rendering and smoother editing are its benefits. It outperforms Windows‎ laptops like the Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED and Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 7.

However,‎ the Dell XPS 13 Plus with a 12th-gen Intel Core i7 beats it, proving the‎ MacBook Air M2’s market viability. MacBook Air M2 benchmarks showed 1,932 single-core CPU and 8,919‎ multi-core CPU performance. These ratings are much higher than the MacBook Air M1. The MacBook‎ Pro M2 had identical test results, highlighting the MacBook Air M2’s price-range performance.

The MacBook‎ Air M2 excelled in video editing. The laptop outperformed its predecessor in the Handbrake video‎ editing test, which transcodes a 4K clip. In 7 minutes and 52 seconds, it beat‎ the MacBook Air M1, which took 9 minutes and 15 seconds. The MacBook Pro M2,‎ with active cooling, finished in 6 minutes and 51 seconds, beating the MacBook Air M2.‎ The MacBook Air M2 again won the Dell XPS 13 Plus, proving its superiority.

The‎ MacBook Air M2’s SSD performance was notable. In the Blackmagic Disk Speed test, the MacBook‎ Air M2’s 1TB SSD averaged 2,800 MBps for reads and 2,210 for writes, despite worries‎ about slowdowns. This performance, however slower than the MacBook Pro M2’s 1TB SSD, is acceptable‎ for most users. The Dell XPS 13 Plus’s improved SSD speeds made it more competitive.‎

The MacBook Air M2’s SSD performance may not be the quickest, but the laptop’s overall‎ performance is smooth so that users won’t experience slowdowns in their regular work. One restriction‎ of the MacBook Air M2 is its support for just one external 6K display. This‎ limitation may upset consumers who desire a dual-monitor arrangement, which many Windows laptops in this‎ price range provide.

Graphics And Gaming

The MacBook Air M2’s 10-core GPU produces excellent gaming‎ visuals. It plays games well despite not being a gaming laptop. At 1920 x 1200,‎ the MacBook Air M2 ran Rise of the Tomb Raider at 27 fps. Despite 2940‎ x 1920 resolution, it maintained 15.3 fps. These statistics are comparable to the MacBook Pro‎ M2, which had 24.9 and 12.2 fps in the same game. The MacBook Air M2‎ ran 40.3 fps at 1470 x 956 in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, whereas‎ the MacBook Pro M2 ran 51 fps at 1440 x 900. Both computers scored virtually‎ identically in 3DMark Wild Life Extreme, showing excellent graphics performance.

Battery Life And Charging

The‎ MacBook Air M2’s battery life is impressive. The MacBook Air M2 ran for 14 hours‎ and 6 minutes in Tom’s Guide’s 150-nit online browsing battery test. This performance is excellent,‎ but its 14-hour and 41-minute runtime falls short of the MacBook Air M1. Dell XPS‎ 13 OLED, a rival, lasted 8 hours, while Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED lasted 11‎ and 2 minutes. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 ran for 10 hours and 46 minutes. The‎ MacBook Pro M2 has the most extended battery life at 18 hours and 20 minutes.‎

MacBook Air M2 has a 10-core GPU, 512GB storage, and a 35W Dual USB-C Port‎ Compact Power Adapter. This adaptor can charge an iPhone concurrently, which is a benefit. Standard‎ MacBook Air M2s cost $1,119 and come with 30W USB-C Power Adapters. Users may upgrade‎ to the twin charger for $20. Though it lacks MagSafe technology, a $20 67W USB-C‎ power converter offers quicker charging.

Webcam, Keyboard, And Touchpad

The MacBook Air M2’s 1080p webcam‎ does video calls well. It’s better than earlier MacBook Air models, although it may not‎ substitute professional cameras for high-quality video creation. MacBook Air M2 images are crisp, although they‎ may have a yellow hue and less hair, skin, and clothing detail than specialized cameras.‎

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is fast and snappy on the MacBook Air M2. The essential mechanics‎ give gratifying tactile feedback, and the travel distance allows comfortable typing. In a 10fastfingers typing‎ test, the MacBook Air M2 typed 69 words per minute with 96% accuracy, which is‎ typical for competent typists

The MacBook Air M2’s big touchpad is precise and sensitive, enabling‎ movements that improve user experience. It supports pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-show all open apps. Having a‎ Touch ID button on the keyboard makes login easy. To speed up system unlocking, users‎ may want Face ID functionality.

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Apple MacBook Air Laptop Review
Apple MacBook Air Laptop Review
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