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Technology tools include apps, gadgets and technical devices. These tech tools are popular in all age of peoples all over the globe. Everyone finds latest technology tools and applications to make life easy and better in every field as for as in classroom also. We will see here various tools used in classroom as digitization of education. These free technology tools gives various features of learning, teaching and much more of other services.

1 List of Technology Tools used in classroom

1.1 Google Drive (

Google drive is used to share and collaboratively edit Google Docs anyone who has Gmail account. Classroom activities, tasks and projects can be completed with collaboration of group members with help of Google Drive,Google Docs and worksheets.

1.2 Skype (

Skype can be used for video callig and group discussion on classroom activities and projects from anywhere in the world. Remote classroom collaboration can be done with help of Skype. Suppose if any student has illness or any other situation and he has to stay at home then he can get updates from class with help of skype application.

1.3 Wikispaces

Wikis provide an simple platform for creating member only website where users can discuss, share and collaboratively work on documents and so on.Wikispaces can be built for education, technology etc. They also have special topics like “Classroom” tool that is focused on collaborative writing. Eg:

1.4 Teamviewer

Teamviewer can be used to Remote conferencing together with your clients, college friends, teams etc for any kind of work.Teamviewer has different facilities like Video conferencing, Audio conferencing, Meeting Section, chatting section etc. you can do your discussion, college projects, different online tasks and for any services want to contact with your friends online, you can use Teamviewer tool.

1.5 Twiddla

Twiddla is one another option for collaborative online whiteboard. This is an quick and easy without set up web based app. You can just click on Go green button and start inviting others to collaborate with you. This app has an various type of tools for user enhancement. Adding image, web page or document as a background can be done in this app. There is other options too like pen width tool, Text, a shape tool, color pallete tool etc. chat option is also there inbuilt in this app.

1.6 Facebook

Yes, facebook group and facebook page can be technology tools used in classroom. Facebook group can invite your friends to become group member. Group can be open or closed or private as per your requirement. You use this as for classroom project or work discussion for any activity. Facebook pages also can be used as sharing of various classroom activity. You can vsit

1.7 Edmodo

This is an multi-platform for active learning with safe from kid. In this tool we can share content. It have a dialogue (in or out of classroom) and parents can be involved in this. It also includes collaboration facility with discussions and learning communities so, it will helpful for teachers and students to make easier collaboration with each other. You can get this tool from

1.8 Yammer

Yammer is a private social network. They also have free and premium plans. In free basic plan they provide features like Work in groups, share files, co-edit content. To get more details you can visit

1.9 Google Hangouts

Alternative to skype , Google hangout can be used as it becoming an increasingly popular tool for bringing group of peaoples together to communicate and collaborate with each other. Google hangouts has some additional benefits over skype like hangout recording. With Google Hangouts and Google Drive you can edit content with hanging out in “Google Hangout” collaboratively.

1.10 Vyew

It is an interactive white board used for collaboration. You can create a collaborative whiteboard online, upload images and documents and write over there, have discussion around there. Free version allow limited users i.e. 10 realtime users. For larger group they have set price $10/

1.11 Titanpad

It is specially available for iPad. Titanpad tool provide peoples to work or access on one document simultaneously. You can get a space for team on your subdomain with free of cost.

1.12 Cacoo

Do you want to create flowcharts and disgrams online with real time collaboration? Cacoo tool will fulfill your requirement.this tool is helpful in various disciplines of education. Here is link to know more about Cacoo Tool. ,

1.13 Twitter

Hashtag is used in twitter for collaboration. With hashtag we can collect all posts related to that hashtag. Tweeter provides tweeting service as well as collaboration of teams. Class students or anyone can get all posts , research, news or all content with hashtag.

1.14 HaikuLearning

Haiku is famous educational site and free for teachers. This is an cloud based application. It provides sharing of content, assignments, feedback,grading and much more. Solo plan of this site includes 5 classes with upto 2GB of storage.

  1. Minecraft(minecraftedu,com)
  2. Economic-Games(
  3. World of Warcraft(
  4. Bounceapp(
  5. Wiggio(
  6. me(