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Life is full of tension, work, stress, happiness and many more things. To balance these things in your life you require to follows the tips given below.

1 Start day with “Check Time"

  • Start your day with checking mails, social media profiles, notifications from apps on your mobile.
  • Reply to the mails, reading news papers are also important tasks can be done at start.

2 Organize daily task

  • Before starting your day, you have to organize all tasks and make a plan to get those tasks efficiently.

3 Schedule regular breaks

  • Breaks are much important in between regular work so that you can work with better and productive way.

4 Work offsite if possible

  • Working offsite without noisy environment, office environment is always better to increase your productivity in your daily work

5 Gather notifications at one place

  • Notifications from mobile apps and social apps can be gather together in one place instead get check individual app notification.

6 Switch off popup from mobile or desktop

  • You can switch off popup notifications so that you can check those notifications in your free time.

7 Communicate directly instead online

  • Communicate with your clients, friends and other people orally instead online chats and emails.
  • It will also help you in increasing your productivity.

8 Organize big problem into small parts

  • You can make small parts of any complex or big problem so, you will get less stress to solve that problem.

9 Use checklists to reduce errors

  • Checklists are useful to get complete your tasks with efficiently.
  • You can get all overview about your tasks and its easy to manage them.