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Microblogging sites are become popular communication tool for everyone whether he is an businessman, individual or freelancer to work from home. Everyone can get benefit from microblogging sites as much as possible. There are lot of ways to interact with users with micro blogging like updating daily news, informing new products launch, make tweet about something by using up to 140 characters. There are various Micro blogging platforms are there provides this services to global users. You can follow anyone or anyone can follow you using these Microblogging sites online.

1 List of Microblogging sites

Microblogging Sites becomes good aspect in individuals and businessmans regarding connections and sharing content with users. These above listed sites provides great service to users with lot of great features. Some of them are newer but some of them are well established and well growing in market of micro blogging service.

1.1 Twitter

Twitter is an popular and big platform among the other micro blogging sites. They have started journey in 2006 and still growing with connecting daily a lot of users. That is best and top most site with great features.

1.2 Tumbler

If you are looking to provide contents in media of all types formats then Tumbler is best. The tumbler can support Text, audio, video, chat, Photo etc. content with these formats. Tumbler also has great customizing features. You can share your content on Tumbler.

1.3 GoogleBuzz

Yes, name of Google it already shows it is an big hitter online. If you are looking for integration, Google Buzz can help you in this. You can connect easily with Google Buzz, if you are already connected with any other tools of Google.

1.4 FriendFeed

Are you looking to combine several social networking services together then this FriendFeed is best feet for your requirement. You may just like it, as it is on user experience.

1.5 SpotJots

This is best site to connect personal and Business connections with other peoples. It has great feature of Geo location functionality. This functionality will help you to get location of any users connected on Spotjobs.

1.6 Identi.ca

This provides somewhat similar features like Twitter. Features similar to Twitter are Creating groups, Geo location, sharing content etc. it has also have many more different features you can check by visiting this site.

1.7 Quaiku

You can connect with this service by creating new account or by using Facebook login. This is an easy to use micro blogging service. It also have some beneficial features.

1.8 BrightKite

This site gives micro blooging service to next step. With this site you can let others know where are you and you can let know who is around you. It gives feel for online users for real life.

1.9 Meemi

You can share content with so many different formats. It has somewhat similar Tumbler features. It is worth checking this site out.

1.10 Plurk

It is setup in a time line format and has become highly famous in U.S. and southest Asia. It also provides great service as micro blogging site. It can give well digital feel for users.