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Web designing tools can reduce your coding work. You can make website quicker than any other programmer with these tools. These tools are helpful for making attractive and stunning websites ever.

1 Avocode

  • This tool is helpful to export Photoshop and sketch designs with all elements and layers.
  • This is best tool for developers and designers because of its collaborative nature.

2 Atomic

  • This tool allows you to create a design in your browser.
  • You can share these designs to any devices.

3 Form

  • You can create prototypes for plenty of devices.
  • You can add interactive and animations in those prototypes.

4 Frontify

  • Frontify helps designer to create style guides for their project

5 Macaw

  • This is code-savvy web design tool
  • you can rapidly construct wireframes, mockups and prototypes.

6 Marvel

  • This is collaborative, code free design tool.

7 Origami

  • Created by facebook team and use for their products like instagram and messenger
  • It is available only for iOS and MAC.

8 Pixate

  • You can create design by connecting your iOS or android phone on desktop and preview the demo on your smartphone.