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Antivirus is essential for keeping your computer safe from hackers and spammers. Your device may contain various files and data which are valuable for you. To keep safe and protect those files you need your computer safe.

1 Kaspersky

  • It’s Easy, Powerful and strong parental control.
  • You can keep your computer safe with this antivirus very effectively.

2 Quickheal

  • As per name suggest, it solve and remove virus or infected files quickly.

3 Net Protector

  • Net protector is another antivirus chosen by millions of people all over the world.

4 Symantec (Norton)

  • It is only antivirus which gives removal tool for specific virus

5 McAfee

  • It is one of best software that can remove Trojans and malware which can’t remove by Norton or AVG.

6 Bitdefender

  • It is best for detection and removal of malicious softwares.

7 Microsoft Security Essentials

  • It is best and free antivirus software but, it heats PC when you scanning your pc.


  • It is fast antivirus and will not slow down your PC unlike Kaspersky and Norton.


  • It is available as free.
  • This is best for remove every bit of viruses

10 Avast Software

  • Free and Effective antivirus for keeping your PC safe and protected.