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Sports are useful for entertaining people all over the world but it’s the ability to learn from sports that is very intriguing. Learning finance through sports is something that we can all do. With sports investing, you don’t ‘bet’, as your investment does NOT expire after a win, so it is much different than sports betting and is not to be confused with ‘gambling’. Let’s look at one example from Crystal World Holdings Inc., which runs ‘All Sports Market’ an online trading platform that is similar to the traditional stock market in that you buy and sell shares, receive dividend payments and profit from your gains.

1 What is sport investing?

Sports investing can mean a couple of things as it could be investing in a company like Madison Square Garden Network in New York or a company like NIKE. As well, sports investing could be sponsorships or buying/selling performance based stocks in pro teams.

2 How to sport investing?

There are actually a couple of options that people have if they have an interest in sport investing. Here are a few of those:

  1. Buy and sell teams Investors can buy and sell teams as well as receiving dividend payments after a win and quarterly throughout the calendar year. ‘All Sports Market’ is a top platform for traders who wish to take part in this type of sports investing.
  2. Sponsorship Investors can invest in sports by giving sponsorship to particular team or player. Sponsorship comes in many ways and isn’t for everyone, but is a way to invest in sports.
  3. Holding Companies There are companies that own teams, arenas, stadiums, etc. that are available to the public to invest in. These companies can be found on many different markets around the world.

3 Features of a Sports Trading Platform

3.1 Free Learning Market

In the free learning market, traders can experience trading without risk and learn about how to trade performance based stocks. Through this learning market, traders become comfortable with trading terms and strategies that can be used in the real money market.

3.2 Performance Related Dividends

Traders earn dividends each time the teams they own win a game. They also receive dividend payments 4 times a year (quarterly). This type of return is common on the real stock market and gives traders yet another way of learning how stock markets work.

3.3 Fan Engagement

With fans learning finance through their favorite sports teams, even more people will be watching sports. Having a fun way of learning is something that helps keep the attention of people as if they do not have an interest, they will not learn.

3.4 Benefit to All

In this type of market, there are many benefits. These benefits start with fighting financial illiteracy as traders learn things they can apply in the real world. As well, it helps people to stop betting and start investing. On top of that, it creates jobs, gives the leagues and teams added revenue and could help reform those that are addicted to sports betting.

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