You can send email to your family, friends, company or anyone from your Gmail account with following these simple tips. Just login your Gmail account, click on compose email and send email with filling all field available in compose email.

  • Open Gmail

Open gmail.png *Enter your Username Gmail Username.jpg

  • Enter your Password

Gmail Password.jpg

  • You will see Gmail account page as shown in below image
My Account.png
  • Click on “Compose”

Gmail Compose button.jpg

  • New window will be open in your account page with title “New Message”

Gmail Compose Email.png

This window will contain:

  1. To field: In this you have to enter “Recipient Email address”
  2. Subject: Subject of your Email.
  3. Body section: here you can type your email content.
  4. Attachment : If you want to send any document to receiver then you can attach document with “Attachment”(Pin type of icon near to send button)
  5. There are many other options like Google Drive file attachment, formatting text, Image icon, Website linking etc.
  6. Send button : After filling all details, click on “Send” button to send email to recipient.

  • You can logout your Gmail account by clicking on “Logout” button present at top right corner in your account page.


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