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Learning code for any computer languages becomes easy now because of online tutorials and websites which helps people to learn code anytime from anywhere. People can easily accessible those online stuff from anywhere and comfortable learn from their home or office or any place.

1 Online Websites

1.1 Code Academy

  • Code Academy is best suitable for beginners to experienced people who want to learn coding.
  • There are plenty of tutorials and videos on various computer languages.
  2. PHP
  3. JavaScript
  4. XML
  5. Python
  6. Ruby
  7. Jquery

1.2 Tutorials Point

  • It’s one of the recommended online resource to start learning with various courses online.
  • They are provides step by step tutorials from basic to advanced level.
  • Any one can use Tutorials point from beginners to experienced candidates as it covers all subjects with deep knowledge experience.
  • You Can Download tutorials in PDF to learn offline.

1.3 W3Schools

  • If you want to learn web development and coding online W3sShools is best suitable for you.
  • It is one of the old and recommended by lot of peoples to learn web related skills with free courses and tutorials.

1.4 Udemy

  • Udemy offers plenty of video courses on every subject from personal improvement to computer programming.
  • They offer lot of courses with deep knowledge with a cost but there are available discounts to cut down those prices.
  • There are some of free courses and tutorials available for beginners.

1.5 Udacity

  • This is one of best way to learn coding online.
  • You can use this site with their guided courses, in which personal coach will help you to develop your skills.

1.6 Google University Consortium

  • Look at Google University Consortium to learn coding online, as they provide some intermediate to advanced level of free courses.
  • They provide courses for
  1. Programming languages
  2. Mobile/Android development
  3. Web Development

1.7 Courseera

  • Courseera provides large collection of free courses from dozens of universities across the country.
  • They offers every class with well organised and step by step instruction to learn easily.

1.8 HTML5Rocks

  • It’s a Google project. It consist of latest guides, resources and tutorials of HTML5.
  • Google pro contributors contribute in this project actively.
  • HTML5 Rocks is most beneficial for those who have some previous experience with HTML5.

1.9 Khan Academy

  • Easy to start with step by step instructions to choose course and tutorials.
  • One of the best way to start learn coding online.
  • They provides Step by step Video tutorials.
  • They provides numerous amount of free online resources for coding and other stuff.

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