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WordPress is popular in both blogging and web development field because of their features and services. With Wordpress we can create a blog, design static websites, Dynamic websites, multi authors website, multi sites can design your website with Wordpress even if you doesn’t know anything about coding. If you know coding you can design as much as professional and good looking website.

1 Register Domain

  • Domain defines your websites topic identity whatever it is.
  • Your domain name indicate to the visitor that what is your website is about.
  • Choose domain which has as much as less character and easy to remember.
  • There are lot of popular companies offers domain registration.
  • You can choose one which gives greater facility and best price in the market.

2 Free or Paid Hosting

  • After registering domain name, hosting is second part to create website.
  • You can choose free or paid hosting as comfortable to you and for your business.
  • Free hosting will have some limitations like limited bandwidth, limited space and other facilities.
  • If you are creating website for business or some private,commercial use and for long term, then paid hosting is better.
  • It gives greater flexibility to your website and will have additional facilities like unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, Daily or monthly Backups, one click wordpress installation, other software and Tools.

3 Buy hosting

Are you ready to buy paid hosting for your website? Before that please confirm what you are exactly looking for and what are your requirements.

  • How many websites do you want to Host?
  • How much space for hosting you require?
  • How much bandwidth you require?
  • Does this hosting company provides Email accounts?
  • What is uptime of that hosting company?
  • Do you require daily backups or monthly backups?
  • What are your additional requirements?

According to these requirements, you can choose web hosting which is suitable for your website.

4 Design your Website

Are you familiar with coding for of any language? Then you can design easily your website with your coding knowledge.

  • If you don’t know about coding, don’t worry there are various platforms like wordpress where you can design website without coding knowledge.
  • Additional one option is there you can hire a programmer for your website design.
  • If you are starting website with limited budget, we recommend start with some ready made themes so you will save your time and cost for designing from scratch.
  • We will see now both part that how we can design your website with and without coding.

4.1 Create website with some coding knowledge

  • Creating website is as simple as you mail for someone to your friends.
  • You can design your website with some coding knowledge and using some software like filezilla to transfer your files to your hosting account.
  • That is best part to design website yourself.
  • Just design website and promote it gradually to increase your visibility and business online.

4.2 Create website without coding knowledge

If you don’t know about coding, then you can use one of the way given below

4.2.1 Hire a programmer to design your website

You can hire programmer from freelancing websites or from various website designing companies to design your dream website.

4.2.2 Design your website without coding knowledge

Without coding knowledge? Yes, you can do it. You need to just follow the below given steps.

  1. Install Wordpress
  2. Read some articles online about how to work in wordpress like how to install theme, how to add plugins, how to search engine optimization from admin panel.
  3. start working with wordpress.
  • In this way you can start designing your website without any coding knowledge.
  • Just read as much as you can about wordpress and start designing and promoting your website.
  • Here we have covered topic how to create website with overview of steps require to design website.
  • You can follow these steps easily and can start creating website yourself from today.

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