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Do you want to find break dance classes? You can find from various places online, offline , local centers etc. You can ask to your friends or people in dance industry to get best center for break dance classes. Dancing is a creative field so, you should find center which teach you creatively.

1 Ask instructor for References

  • Instructor may have lot of references of these type of classes.
  • It is better to once ask instructors about the classes.

2 Contact for local dance academy

  • Local dance academies have several types of dance classes.
  • Some dance academies offer break dance teaching, you have to find them in local.

3 Local school districts

  • Local school districts offer various types of classes, some of them may offer break dance classes.

4 Local community center

  • Sometimes events can be held in local community center, by attending those events you can learn dancing effectively.

5 Online websites

  • Yes, there is lot of online websites like Google, Justdial, Facebook etc. can suggest you best break dance classes in local or in any other cities.