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Family is the place where every family member feels secure and accomplishment of life. Happy family gives pleasant feeling to every member and the society. They are essential part of the society. What factors responsible to make your family happy and how can we do something that can helpful to become our family happy?

1 Mutual understanding, Adjustments and Love

  • These factors are responsible to create a unbreakable bond between family members.
  • Everyone in the family should have respect to each other, then only mutual understanding possible.
  • Sometimes adjustments requires because of some reason so family members should be ready for that.
  • Love is most important part of happy family, happy family can’t build and stable without love between family members.

2 Express the Affection and Warmth

  • Express affection with family members ao they can experience your love with them.
  • Just saying “I love you” makes them feel that, how much deeply you are loving them.
  • Try to express your feelings and share affection and warmth.
  • Encouragement also plays an important role in happiness of family.

3 Communication with family members

  • Communicate with family members frequently and effectively.
  • Communication is basic building block of happy family.
  • Never shout or argue each other unnecesorily.
  • Talk with everyone, it promotes attachment with family members

4 Spend Time with Everyone

  • Be there for everyone so, members can feel comfortable and secure.
  • Spending time with the person is important in any relationship
  • Give enough time to children and other members also.
  • Don’t come with work stress at home, keep them outside the home.
  • You can arrange some activities where all members can participate.

5 Equal Space and No Partiality

  • Family becomes happy only when if all members respect everyone with giving each other enough space and time to make them comfortable
  • Try to avoid partiality, as it creates only anxiety in family.
  • Take in consideration of every one’s opinion, it will boost confidence of family members and it helps to become a happy family.