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Happy relationship starts with mutual understanding, Love and sometime adjustments. Some other factors as well affect on relationship but these three are most important to make any relationship happy. Trust comes with love and mutual understanding but without trust you can’t make happy relationship.

1 Trust in Relationship

  • Trust has power to make relationship happy.
  • If anyone in relationship loose trust for other, that relationship may not live longer.
  • Relationship can build on only “Trust”. The relationship may be of Friendship, Marriage, Romance etc.

2 Always Support Each other

  • In relationship sometimes partner needs support for any kind of situation, so for that other will have to give enough support to make him/her comfortable to handle that situation.
  • Support promotes your relationship to the next level, both need everyone’s support for specific situations.
  • If your partner doing something in a wrong way, try to convince him/her to do it in proper way. You can give some suggestions and alternative solutions as well.

3 Love comes from Respect and Care

  • If you love you someone it looks out from your behaviour.
  • You are special caring for someone or have some special respect for that person, it express your love for that person.
  • Happy relationship starts with love and trust on each other.
  • Love is one of great emotion which comes with respect, caring, sharing, forgiveness, trust etc.
  • Your love should be unconditional, then only both of you can feel real happiness in relationship.

4 Be Open and be Frank with Partner

  • Relationship only lives long on trust, as mush as you trust on your partner that much relationship goes long.
  • To build trust, first you have to be frank to share anything from your life with your partner and be open to listen to your partner.
  • Everyone in relationship should be frank with others as much as they are with themselves.

5 Perfect Situations

  • Every relationship has happy moments and struggle moments, the relationship which learn the secret to balance these moments in a better way that relationship will win life and enjoys the best happy relationship.
  • Some situations in relationship people in relationship thinks that, they are in wrong relationship but, they have to understand each other and handle the situation with support of each other. Then only they can enjoy every happy moments in their relationship.