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Are you downloading Games or apps with your phone? Be aware about Android Phone protection of your phone. Android games and apps are much popular in today's trend of android users no matter it is free or paid. We have to do some pre-download checks for security purpose of our phone. Every android supported phones require Android application package or APK to install and distribute software's mostly Games or Android apps on your phone. You should check source of your APK downloader is verified or not also, it requires trustworthy to get protective downloading. There are other simple and easy ways to make sure that your phone can remain safe from malware while downloading android apps.

1 Android Phone Protection Security Checks

1.1 Permission Granting during Installation

When you will install a new app or game you will get some list of permissions that you have to grant for a software. You should have to check for every permission grant, is it good or not for your phone or apps. Some of Software has suspicious so you should not have to grant that permission of app. For security purpose you should evaluate whether they have a valid reason of permission or not.You should take the necessary precautions before downloading, although a good APK can help you get access to free android apps and games.

1.2 Disable Unknown Source for Android Phone Protection

Source of downloading apps or games for android phone, “Google Playstore” is one of best way to secure and verified source for every android phone. You can download from other sources also but be sure that it should be verified. We can get APK file easilyfrom various sources but we have to careful during downloading about source and can disable unknown source installation till downloading, after that if you feel trust on sources you can on unknown source installation.

1.3 Check App Ratings

App rating is also one of Android Phone Protection security check or precautions to secured check for your downloading. We can say that The app which has more ratings,reviews and downloads it is safer to download. If you are about to download new released App or game then keep your eye on ratings and research about that app on google and after that you can download it trustfully if you feel it is secure to download.

1.4 Publisher and developer check of App

Before downloading app we should check publisher and developer check for app details. So that we can ensure that app is safe for downloading. Malware writer can easily develop another and similar app like popular one. So we have to check publisher and developer also verified source of app. These are the simple Android Phone Protection security checks for android apps downloading and installation. There may be some other tips for secure downloading but with these simple checks you atleast get an idea how and which app is safe and which is not.